Fantastic Ted, our newest (well one of two) Ridgefield resident

OK so despite trying very hard to keep our business brains on, we returned from our trip to Leominster sales yesterday, with not one but two new Ridgefield recruits.  Emma’s is a promising little event bred TB (unraced) and mine is the gentlest softest, big eared, bumpy-nosed
gentleman, name of Fantastic Ted.  Needless to say an incredible, emotional and bloody tiring 24 hours later the dust has barely settled and we’re still pinching ourselves.  Both neds seem completely sane and sensible and Lo and behold Ted can MOVE.  He also managed to get himself cast between arriving and late check at 9.30pm last night so I didn’t get a lot of sleep (he’s fine) so a proper post and full biographies will need to wait but here’s a few seconds of Ted having a stretch out this morning..straight out into a strange arena on the first morning after a ‘helluva’ day before.  I’m quietly excited about this boy once we have the chance to build the body to match his substantial frame. I think he could be really smart.  I just hope there’s not some big scary catch in here – he’s so gentle and shows so much promise I’ve got to wonder why he’s still unbroken at five – only time will tell,  Also hello to Ted’s adopted Auntie Louise who I’d never met before yesterday but who played not a small part in persuading me to have a bid on him.  I’m already very glad I did.  P.S if you can see them (not best quality vid) those are false curbs (his hocks protrude at the same level as true curbs form from strain).  They shouldn’t cause him any soundness issues and as he’s not destined for the showring I’m looking right on past those. Already when I look at Ted  (and he looks longingly at me going home for the night like I’m already his best friend in the world) I’m thinking handsome is as handsome does.  


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