For the first time today….

The thing I love (that is also quite exhausting) about bringing on a baby, is that every day there’s a first. The same thing but in a different place or with different kit or a different distraction. Changing just one variable at a time can feel like slow progress but then a week’s gone by and a lot has been achieved.

Ted’s putting on weight nicely without having changed personality and his coat looks lovely, a real advert for linseed. He’s been working well on the lunge and I’ve introduced the chambon as an uncomplicated aid to encourage him to stretch over his back. Today was the first time I tried bringing him in from the field to work him alone with all his buddies still out…and keen to watch. He was a little more tense but didn’t put a foot wrong on the yard and just a couple of forward scoot-offs in the first ten minutes of lunging then…ahh all was calm. He’s getting much better at being leant on at the mounting block too and being jumped next to…not even a flinch today (he’s learned I’m crazy).

I’ve contacted an experienced local trainer for some possible call out assistance when it comes time to put someone up…I’m just a bit worried I don’t bounce as well as I used to but sending him away would be cost prohibitive. More soon.

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