First time aboard

An update on Ted as I know I’ve been quiet. We have been continuing with lunging and leaning off the mounting block and he’s had his saddle and side reins on a couple of times his last week. Today was a big jump forward as Dan, the rider recommended by our local and well respected breakers, Jon Barlow came for the first time. I was really impressed. He has a lovely calm way about him and is really tall so no need for a block, he can just jump up…and so he did (even though he was just lying across him it’s the first time Ted’s had anyone aboard and he was cool as a cucumber).  Today we also put two lines on Ted in the school and, as it looks like he’s done it before, it didn’t take long before he was ready for his first trip down the lane. Some very useful tips from Dan (like using the bushes if he’s getting a bit onward bound rather than being tempted to pull) and I’m confident I can carry on the good work till he comes back on Tuesday. With luck I may be riding for Christmas (holding on tight to the kitchen table as I write that!). Pictures next time …I was a bit preoccupied today 🙂

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